If you are wondering what has to be filled in “my capacity as ___” in the verification form at the bottom

I ______ son/daughter of _________, holding permanent account number _____ solemnly declare to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given in the return and the schedules thereto which have been transmitted electronically by me vide acknowledgement number mentioned above is  correct and complete and that the amount of total income/ fringe benefits and other particulars shown therein are truly stated and are in accordance with the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961, in respect of income and fringe benefits chargeable to income-tax for the previous year relevant to the assessment year 2011-12. I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as _____________ and I am also competent to make this return and verify it.

In case of Individual it can you yourself (your name) or Authorized signatory

In case of HUF it can be Karta or Authorized signatory

In case of Partnership it can be Partner or Authorized signatory

In case of Company it can be director or Authorized signatory

So, if you are an individual just write your name in the blank.


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  1. pratik says:

    Just wanted to know what does one fill in If the return has been prepared by a Tax Return Preparer (TRP) give further details as below:
    Identification No. of TRP Name of TRP Counter Signature of TRP

  2. Hi,

    I have cross the time line to sent my ITR-V form to Bangalore and now as i have to feel this form but i need how to feel this form because last time my frnd was feel this form i don’t have knowledge abt this i have id and password but i want to know from where should collect this form online. Pleas help. kindly if you can then sent your ans to my email id sdswapnildk@gmail.com

  3. Sean Steel says:

    Wrong, you should write “an individual” in that blank column, and NOT your name. The sentence starts with “I, “dawood Ibrahim(example)son/daughter of…… in my capacity as ” ” . Obviously you don’t need to repeat your name again there ! I am no expert in filing taxes, but this is more to do with ur writing and grammar and I feel that the blank needs to be filled with “an individual”.

  4. RAJAMMA says:

    i need pan no verification & filling of 2013-14

  5. Sandeep yadav says:

    Please tell me hoe to fill up filling

  6. Sandeep yadav says:

    Please tell me how to fill up filling

  7. maneckshaw says:

    capacity as “an individual” for those (income under salary) who e-file their IT by themselves.

  8. Devendra Singh Rawat says:

    I had not recd from income tax reurn money back for the year 2013-14.

  9. r.b.vaghela says:

    it return14-15

  10. My PAN CARD No – AHGPN1149L please publish ITR V

  11. kausalya says:

    how to fill the last line i.e, I further declare that iam making this return in my capacity as ______________________ and iam also competent to make this returns and verify it

    please reply

  12. ARUN KUMAR BASU says:

    Please show me ITR-V Forms of self for AY 2013-14,2014-15 in my e-mail address above. There are refunds(sl.9 of the forms) in both of them and I want to claim it at the earliest as per rules.Thanks!

  13. baggu says:


  14. shyam bihari says:

    Plz tell me ,how to fill itr and full steps
    i hv id and password.
    Plz reply on

  15. siba prasad acharya says:

    ITR-V Assessment year 2015-2016


    Is it incorrect to write in the capacity of “Individual Assessee” in ITR-V ?

  17. Bhalang Dhar says:

    I am a retired Government servant belong to Schedule Tribe community. I have been asked to file my income tax return. Is it necessary for the Schedule Tribe to file Income Tax Return?
    My PAN – BNKPD6652B
    Aadhaar No. 612331157004

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