Here are the latest slabs for the income tax for the income incurring in FY2011-2012. The assessment year for this slab will be 2012-2013.

Income tax slabs 2011-2012 for General tax payers

Yearly Income Tax Rate
Rs. 0 to 1,80,000 No Tax (0 %)
Rs. 1,80,001 to 5,00,000 10%
Rs. 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 8,00,000 30%

Income tax slabs 2011-2012 for Women

Yearly Income Tax Rate
Rs. 0 to 1,90,000 No Tax (0 %)
Rs. 1,90,001 to 5,00,000 10%
Rs. 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 8,00,000 30%

Income tax slabs 2011-2012 for Senior citizen (60 – 80 years)

Yearly Income Tax Rate
Rs. 0 to 2,50,000 No Tax (0 %)
Rs. 2,50,001 to 5,00,000 10%
Rs. 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 8,00,000 30%

Income tax slabs 2011-2012 for Very Senior citizen (Above 80 years)

Yearly Income Tax Rate
Rs. 0 to 5,00,000 No Tax (0 %)
Rs. 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 8,00,000 30%

You can also find the income tax slab for income in FY 2010-2011 (Assessment year 2011-2012) here

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134 Comments on Latest Income Tax Slabs for FY 2011-2012

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please let me know, if there is any educational cess or any other cess on total income tax for the year 2011-2012.Please also suggest to invest in 80c, apart from GPF, PPF &LIC.

    • admin says:

      Education Cess is 3% on the total tax.

      You can make tax-free investments upto Rs. 1 lakh under following schemes –
      1. Life Insurance Premiums
      2. Contributions to Employees Provident Fund/GPF
      3. Public Provident Fund (maximum Rs 70,000 in a year)
      4. NSC (National Savings Certificates)
      5. Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)
      6. Repayment of Housing Loan (Principal)
      7. Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) of Mutual Funds
      8. Tuition Fees including admission fees or college fees paid for full-time education of any two children of the assessee (Any development fees or donation or payment of a similar nature shall not be eligible for deduction).
      9. Infrastructure Bonds issued by Institutions/ Banks such as IDBI, ICICI, REC, PFC etc.
      10. Interest accrued in respect of NSC VIII issue.
      11. Pension scheme of LIC of India or any other insurance company.
      12. Fixed Deposit with Banks having a lock-in period of 5 Years

      Apart from that, you can invest additional Rs. 20K in infrastructure bonds. So, total tax-free investments can be Rs 1,20,000.

      • patil s says:

        additional saving may be done by way of premium towards health insurance policy for family and addtionally to ‘dependant sr citizen parents’

  2. Yoosaf Abdulla says:

    Yes Mr sinha, there is educational cess. This year i paid Rs 589 as Edu. cess for a total tax of 19K plus.

    as for investments US80, i am not good at it.

  3. Mubin Shaikh says:

    I heared that income tax slab revised for the employees, Now its upto 5 lac no tax only for salaried. Any one have the details regarding this.

  4. prakash singh says:

    No Mr saikh now its not levied by the GOVT. so the taxes are applying same as its charging before.

  5. nilambari says:

    plz let me know the proffessional tax slab for the fy 2011 – 2012.

  6. nilambari says:

    also send me rules for pf and esi deductions(need all details regarding…for the fy2011-2012.

  7. vignesh says:

    Will i get Tax Exemption if i deposit for a 24months Recurring Deposit?
    If yes., what is the maximum amount that i can deposit per year in



  9. rajiv ranjan giri says:

    my current Package Is 2.3 Lakh,give me the tips to avoid the income tax

    • ranjan says:

      there are many tips to avoide income tax, but no one should avoide it, because the most part of the tax is spent on the infrastructure of our country. even if u want to avoide paying taxes, show your investments in life insurance,retirement plans,pension scheme etc.

  10. Asit Kumar Dhar says:

    please clarify whether any handicap dependent of Govt. employees can get direct exemptions of Rs.50,000/- from Gross income u/s 80D or 80U or under any other section.

  11. Himanshu Pasari says:

    I have completed my whole education through Education Loan during 2005-09. Now while repaying my load amount I am getting Tax Exemption only on the Load Interest I pay. Why can not I get Tax relief for the amount I paid as Tuition Fees during my education (i.e. on part of repayment now for Principle amount of Loan)? Because now I can see column for Tuition Feed in current tax form paid during current Financial year. But Tuition Fees while my education was not utilized for any type of exemption at that time so I must get chance to have that benefit now because now I am repaying that amount. Is there any way to have that benefit now (because my point looks very logical, at least to me :)).

  12. swapnil says:

    To admin,
    Will I Get Tax exemption on education loan repay amount which have been taken in 2007-2009 for my MBA education? If yes then for how much amount would be tax-free?
    I have paid Rs. 35000/- in September 2011 for distance education mode- Master Degree course, will I get tax exemption for the same? Please answer ASAP.

  13. prabhy says:

    Sir can you provide me the current Income tax slab for partnership firm dealing in ecommerce.

  14. Patil B.R. says:

    I am government employee my 2011-12 total salary income is Rs.2,40,000.
    My deduction ie.Lic Rs.10800 GPF Rs16000 English school tution fess Rs.25000 GIS Rs.1200
    Total of them RS.53,000
    PlZ tell the taxable amount if any.

    • sruthi says:

      tax liability 2781 if there is no tds

    • chandrashekhar says:

      240000-53000=187000, your taxable income is rs 7000 tax is 700+21=721, if u invest rs 7000 in ppf a/c or lic, or nsc you need not have to pay tax.
      If you are staying in a rented house, you can claim the rent paid in excess of your hra

  15. vittal says:


    Can you provide me the detailed slab/structure, that how to calculate the income tax for salaried persons and uplode the IT for the same.

    Kindly reply asap.

  16. kanchan joshi says:

    please provide me the details of income tax and saving options for a salaried person

  17. raakesh says:

    hi Sir,

    I always have the below Q,
    I work in a s/w MNC and my CTC is 10Lakhs plus and after savings and 80c/homeloan and all, my taxable income is around 7lakhs.

    So my Quesion is, while calculating tax they consider only the taxable income?the above menioned slabs talk only about the taxable income after savings/ the actual income earned during the year without savings.

    please clarify.

    • Rajaram Ganpatrao Lambore says:

      Housing Loan taken by employee society. whether principle amount and interest exemption for tax benefit

      • chandrashekhar says:

        housing loan intrest can be claimed under a separate section,24(1), i think so and principle amount repaid can be claimed in 80c section under chapter vi-A

  18. yaju says:

    Hi sir

    I want to know that, it is possible to take Tution Fees of children as deduction in under 80c & Interest on Loan taken for Higher Studies of children u/s. 80 E both from income, if it is possible please reply me

  19. RAVINDER SINGH says:

    its really wonder ful information

  20. nandhini.s says:

    sir, all information provided by you is of immense help to me to upgrade my knowledge.
    can you explain in detail FD for 5yrs in banks u/s 80c.

  21. Sir, I had no residential plot on my name and my wife name.So I bought an eight marla plot in huda sector and I have paid to HUDA Rs360000/- in Oct.2011.I will paid Rs180000/- on 7/3/2012 for 2nd installment.Can I take the Tax Rebate on above said amount and How?

  22. Ashish says:

    I shifted to new home in this financial year and wanted to the tax exemption eligibility. Since this was READY-TO-MOVE house, all procurement formalties done in this financial year (Aug-Oct 2011).

    Ashish Sinha

  23. Vivek says:


    Under section 80C, principal amount repaid on house loan is not taxable and the limit is Rs.1 lakh.
    I want to know does this deduction is valid even if one has not got the possession of the house in that particular financial year.

  24. girish says:

    please let me know how much relief i can get on my Traveling Allowence.


  25. Preeti Sahu says:

    Hi, my yearly salary is 3.36 lakh.Please provide me details as to how much amount do i need to invest yearly for saving tax for year 2011-12.

    Thanks and regards,

    • chandrashekhar says:

      3,36,000-profession tax paid- house rent paid in excess of hra received(if u reside in a rented house)-investments upto 100000 in lic ppf pf nsc children education loan, housing loan repayment, if u are a lady slab is 190000. over and above this, excess income you have to pay 10% tax plus 3% education cess on the tax amount

  26. Rakesh Sangam says:


  27. Animesh Ray says:

    Sir, I am State Govt. servant. 1)I will received an amount of 300K (approx) from the sale of the property which I got from inheritance. 2) I received the inheritance property on May 2011. 3) I will sell the same property on January 2012. 3) Now I am also construct my own house from taking part loan from Bank. 4) I also invest the said 300K for my house building. My question is , how much money I have to pay as Income Tax for this capital gain and reinvestment in my own hose construction?

  28. sir, Ihave total annual income of 3,43827 and after total deduction Rs 99000 . how much tax i have to pay? is my ( 10%) must be be paid 10% of the total income or after deuctions? please reply

  29. mohan s. karmalkar says:

    I had made a fixed deposit in bank of india of RS.5 lakh for a term of 1 year on which bank shown on the fd certificate to pay Rs. 42,000+ as interest. however, on maturity bank deducted 20 percent towards TDS. tell me if the action taken by the bank is correct.

  30. thyagaraj says:

    i have a mentally challenged girl child having severe disability ie.. 75%. how much tax deductions on gross total will i get ???

  31. shaan says:

    my package is 4.7 kindly let me know how much income tax will be there for same package. please reply

  32. rakesh goyal says:

    Is there any cess on income above 10 lacs?

  33. Amit Surpuriya says:

    For Infrastructure Bond Application Forms Contact – Amit Surpuriya – 9850873688 – Pune

  34. u.c.tiwari says:

    date on which senior citizen for considered .when a person retires on 31.082011.

  35. u.c.tiwari says:

    date on which senior citizen for considered .when a person retires on 31.082011.(Dehradun)

  36. anil says:

    ihave attended age of 60 years in november 2011 still in service to retire at the age of 65 years can take benefit available to senior citizen under income tax act what is current slab for me

  37. precie says:

    i was unemployed and joined a farm in mid of year than exemption amount will be 1,80,000 or it will be reduce as per the no of working months.

    • admin says:

      Tax exemption will still be 1.80 Lakh irrespective of the months you have worked. Enjoy the low tax liability this year 🙂

  38. V.R.Rao says:

    My son after 25 years in USA returns to Bangalore. He has PIO and OCI cards, although he has taken American citizenship after 5 years permanent residentship there. He has transferred his legally earned dollars into an NRO account here and is getting interest on the NRO FD account. Now, even after returning to Bangalore, he continues to pay US Incometax, since he gets some income by way of Rent or interest etc. But here in India, for the interest he earns , he has to pay tax………..whether at the rates fixed for Indian residents or at the double taxation relief for NRIs. Tax deducted at source for NRIs is 15% for NRIs returning from USA; but what is the slab rates while filing the tax in India? Will you kindly let me know either here or by means of an e.mail reply to me.?

  39. kailas Pawar says:

    For the Year 2011-12 what amount should i transfer to PPF Scheme
    because i read in news paper amount is Rs. 100000.00

  40. C.G.PATEL says:

    i take housing loanRs.7lac from sbi @8.25% . monthly installment paid by me rs.12000/- annualy total rs.144000/- whic is deductible from my salary income. please reply me what slab for principal and interest amount deducible.

  41. Rathan says:

    Hi Admin,

    My CTC is 3.6 and its split in the following ways : Basic, HRA, LTA, Special Allowance, Conveyance and Medical.

    Please let me know the % taxable for each for the split and how is it calculated?

    What all documents should I produce (like House rent, Medical bills and LIC’s) and for how much?

  42. AJINKYA says:

    if u want any tax deduction is been needed call me at 9930682147. by various kind of investment tips.

  43. Amalraj says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    Let me know the steps to calculate TDS?

  44. I know about u/s10 of income tax return

  45. Unquestionably consider that which you said. Your favourite reason appeared to be at the internet the simplest thing to take into accout of. I say to you, I certainly get irked even as other people think about concerns that they plainly don’t recognise about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , other people could take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thank you

  46. CH.S.DEEKSHITULU says:

    My Date of Birth is 18-05-1946. I completed 65 years on 18-5-2011. My calculation of income tax for the assessment year 2012-13 will be done as per Men (below 65 years) or Senior Citizens’ or Proportionately? Kindly clarify.


    Dear Sir,
    I wanted to know the details of savings which are entitled for tax exemption. The different kind of savings which attracts the benefit of tax saver. Is surrender leave benefit amount to be taken for calculating taxable income? Any other kind of savings which are eligible for tax exemption.
    Shanmugam, Chikmagalur

  48. uma says:

    i want tax examtion for my mentally retarded much amount should be reduced?

  49. uma says:

    Iwant tax examtion for my mentally retarded girl. How much amount should be reduced from paying?

  50. Amit Surpuriya says:


    Mutual Fund | Infrastructure Bond | 54EC Capital Gain Bond | Tax Free Bonds | Mediclaim | Company Fixed Deposit



  52. Nagaraj.k says:

    How to get the minimum benits

  53. dear sir,
    I want to know details of education cess?

  54. somnath chandra says:

    Pls tell me what is current minimum wages in west bengal.

  55. b.L.Zadoo says:

    I have retired on 30th Nov.2011.Please inform whether the senior citizen tax slab applicable to senior citizens of age up to 80 years can be applied by me for calculation of income tax for the whole year 2011-2012(finanacial year).

  56. muthuvijayan says:

    i have housing loan max dudction on interts amount
    im not received my tax refund amount Rs 6621 my tax filling date 22 july 2009 recepit no 1310102248 my pan no AIGPM3971J pl do needful

  57. mary sheena says:


  58. madhab malik says:

    i need tax calculator

  59. Dr. Jesse Joel T. says:

    Sir can you please tell me the tax payable….its for a friend.
    Salary is 34900.00 after deductions 30300.00 Her gross would be 360000.00. Now, tax payable would be only 17000pa am I right?
    Please correct me if I am wrong in the calculations.

  60. Satish poonia says:

    my total salary income is Rs. 5,00,000/, I have done savings of Rs. 1,00,000/ and I have resigned from my service for this deposited Rs. 1,70,000/ in govt. Treasury as per service rules, please tell me about my income tax estimate.

  61. Raja says:

    Sir, I have interest income of 3Lakh per annum from Bank FD.
    I am paying Rs.2L as tuition fees for my daughter studying for MBA.
    Do I get any deductions towards the college tuition fees? Thanks

  62. Fine Shine India says:

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    8.22% & 8.35% for 10 & 15 yrs with Annual and Cumulative Option

    Now You can SAVE tax 6,180/- u/s 80ccf (on above Rs. 1 Lac) and EARN 9% interest. (both) by Investment of Rs.20,000/- only in Infra Structure Bond.
    8.93% & 9.15% for 10 & 15 yrs with Annual and Cumulative Option

    Additional tax benefits to Individual & HUF – U/S 80CCF upto Rs. 20,000/-

    This is over and above Rs. 1 lakh U/S 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD of IT Act.

    For Doorstep services contact undersigned.

    A. K. Singh

  63. srinivas karnati says:

    what is the slab rates to diseabled assesse

  64. rajwant sharma aged 60 sr cit says:

    kdly let me know about education cess tax 3% is applcable for fy yr 2011-2012 or not

  65. Harsh Jain says:

    Kindly let me know that when on sales of goods buisnessman is paying tax in the form of vat/cst (i.e. goods purchase by him plus cost and profit margin)then why it is necessary to pay income tax again when it already paid to govt. in the form of sales tax, please reply

    • Sadhna kukreti. says:

      yes you have to pay the tax, even if you are paying tax in the form of sales tax etc., because you are paying excise or sales tax for the business related transactions, you have to pay the tax on you yearly earned income. you cannot avoid to pay tax on the base of such fact given by you.

  66. babu p a says:

    how much is the maximum limit of tuition fee for deduction under sec. 80c?
    does there any limit for tuition fee for deduction?

  67. sanjay kumar says:

    what is the rebate of education loan

  68. gaurav says:

    I have retired on 31st Dec 2011.Please inform whether the senior citizen tax slab applicable for me of income tax for the whole year 2011-2012(finanacial year) and what is tax rules no.

  69. satyendra hazarika says:

    i am a salaried one in new pension scheme, which is falling under 80cc. in couple of years our self investment will stand nill, as it will be covered by ppf deduction (10% of basic) it going to be excluded from 1 lacs slab and allow us to make our own investment by tax deptt.

  70. shamkant shedge says:

    i m govt. employee.
    Last year I purchase flat and take a loan from sbi bank of
    Rs 7,00,000/- and EMI is 8,000/- per month.
    Total yearly income is 3,63,864 – 1,00,000 savings+P.T. 2500=
    Now total income is 2,61,364/-
    Pls tell me how Home Loan gives me benefit for this income tax exempution

  71. moinuddin says:

    sir my office staff Donate rs.10000-00 to temple this employee requested same rs 10000-00 deduct u/s 80-G please convey this problem

  72. vijayalxmi patil says:

    sir i am govt employee i am rs.10000-00 donate to teple i can this rs 10000-00 u/s 80G please suggest me.

  73. kulkarni says:

    sir my employee rupees.10000-00 donate to tample this employee requesting to me same amount rs.10000-00 deduct u/s 80G plese convey me

  74. kulkarni says:

    sir i am from govt inistitution my staff given treatment his family upto 50000-00 this employee requested to me towards deduct same amount u/s80 DDB Plese covey this problem salution.

  75. pramod behera says:

    My taxable income is 1 lac. I have no pan card number. Let me know mt tax.

  76. pramod behera says:

    I am a central govt employee. my gross income is 4.8 lacs and taxable income is 2 lacs. I have no pan card. Let me know what will be my tax to be deducted i.e. whether 20 thousand or 40 thousand or 24 thousand.

  77. suresh y says:

    sir i m doing M.Tech while working can i show my fee receipt for tax deduction

  78. Raj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have filed my tax return for last 2 financial years (2009-10 and 2010-11) within the specified timeline but I have not furnished ITR-V to Income-Tax department for acknowledgement and already missed the timeline. Could you please tell me whether I can send the ITR-V to IT department now? Whether IT department will provide the acknowledgement now? If not, what can be done for getting the acknowledgement?


  79. Raj Pachori says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have filed my tax return for last 2 financial years (2009-10 and 2010-11) within the specified timeline but I have not furnished ITR-V to Income-Tax department for acknowledgement and already missed the timeline. Could you please tell me whether I can send the ITR-V to IT department now? Whether IT department will provide the acknowledgement now? If not, what can be done for getting the acknowledgement?


  80. yash says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Income for the financial year 2010-11 is as follows,
    Income from Business : – 770000
    Income from Rent : – 500000
    Capital Gains from
    sale of property
    bought in 2007 : – 350000

    I hv invested 100000 in Insurance etc. And am paying Interest on Loan for property which would be approx 130000 for the year.
    What would be my Tax payable and is there a way to save on Tax.


  81. S.Phaneendranath Naidu says:

    Whether GPF Loan reppayment is allowed for tax exemption under 80C? Kindly advise me.

  82. Subir says:


    A small query.
    I have a land, planning to sale at Rs. 35L.
    In this scenario what will be the tax for a senior citizen person.


  83. praneeth says:

    Hello to all,

    can any one give the tax rate for the non pan card holders.
    in my company salary more than 1.60lacs they are deducting 20% flat (according to the circular 206AA . but according to the IT slabs up to 1.80lacs exception. please give reply regarding this.


  84. swapan kr das says:

    Please inform me whether medical insurance premium is releived other than 80c&80cc. What is the limit for releive for donation to voluntary organisation?

  85. Subodh Gupta says:


    I had got an allotment of a plot in Noida in 2002-03 ,yearly Installments were paid till 06-07, Registry in 08-09 . Total cost was around Rs. 4.00 Lac. Now in case of sale of above plot it will be around Rs.50.00 Lac. I have already got a house since 96-97.

    Can I purchase a house or Flat to avail capital gain ?
    If not then what should I do to avail the same.


  86. Neeraj kumar says:

    1)Actually my mom was suffering from heart disease and her operation took place in AIIMS,Delhi. She is government employee and after treatment all expenditure were reimbursed by Bihar govt. to my mom
    Whether such reimbursed money will be treated as taxable money or not?
    2) If my total income for the 2011-2012 session is 5 lakhs and I made tax free investment upto 1 lakhs then Whether I can make tax free investment more under any charitable trust or not under sec. 80G of Income tax act?

  87. syed abdul aleem says:

    my mother is drawing two pensions one is her service pension and the other is family pension (only the basic is being paid, other allowances like DA is not included in the family pension, as she has her own service pension)every month she gets Rs.15821 as her service pension and 12280 as her family pension. individually the pensions received are below the taxable limit, but may be when combined it is taxable. the pension office in hyderabad says that she needs to pay an income tax of about Rs.7700, else she should show savings in the form of National saving certificate or FD to the tune of Rs.75000. Please anyone advice is this is correct. and can we take FD for Rs.75000 and after submission of the copies can we redeem them at the earliest. please advice

    Abdul Aleem , Hydewrabad

  88. anu says:

    Hi, my annual salary is 3,80,000. plz confirm how much do i need to invest to save my tax n how ? .. thx anu

  89. Santosh says:

    Hi i want to know about tax benefit under ULIP.
    I have twoy ULIP policy one each of 25000.
    One is on my name and other on my mother name (she is dependent on me).
    Last year i got tax exemption for paying premium on ULIP which is on my mother name but this year i didn’t get any tax benefit for paying the premium for my mother policy. Now how to get tax benefit for my mother policy of ULIP.

  90. aman kapoor says:

    my salary is 20000/- and i get this complete amount in hand
    my company is not deducting even a single peny from my salary as TDS
    as per cureent slab of TAX
    m i a TAX Payer

  91. sabari says:

    6stand annual examtion paper

    • ANANDA KUMAR S says:

      sir i have a small doubt . It looks like a simple though i need to know…. What is this cess why it need to be pay?

  92. Rahul Yadav says:

    sir, i want to know that what will be exemption limit for NRI woman age less than 60 yr and exemption limit male or female who is the age of 60 yr and above and both r NRI.

  93. Pooja Arora says:

    I was wondering if there is any exemption limit for physically challenged female. kindly reply.

    Thanks & regards
    Pooja Arora

  94. Ravi.u says:

    please clarify How to calculate house rent income of standard deductions please specify calculation

  95. Lata says:

    please let me know that if i completed 60 years in Jan 2012,
    i will come in Senior citizen slab for the F Y 2011-12 or not

  96. Ashish Tiwary says:

    Please help
    1. Do I need to file the Income tax through CA or can i directly do this from any website
    2. If yes, which website
    3. What is the slab for Year 2011-2012
    4. Should I include any income from Shares (I think already STT etc gets deducted
    5. I hae aFD for 5 years, but not yet matured, so do I need to deduct from my earnings.

    • Sadhna kukreti. says:

      you can also fill the return on your own if have knwlege regarding filing of return.. for this, you can visit in http://www.E-FILING RETRUN.
      slab rate for f/y 2011 -2012 for individual 180000- NIL, 180001-500000- 10%, 500001-800000-30%, and above 800001 its 30%. if it is long term capital gain and if STT have been deducted than,, it is totally exempted form tax calculation. yes you can enjoy a deduction of fixed deposit if it is of 5years it comes u/s 80c.

  97. pramod kumar says:

    employees with income upto 5 Lacks are exempted

    to file returns in the financial year 2011-2012.

  98. Robina says:

    Sir, My salary is 2.10p.a and from this 24,000 Rupees goes on L.I.C. Do I have to file a return. Will I have to show my proofs this time?

  99. Adil khurshid says:

    My total Annual salaried income is Rs. 1,87,000/ and i have been paying insurance premium 28,500/- also paying education loan installment of 3,700/PM have I to pay income tax, if not is it necessary to return file for me, i am having PAN also…

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    To give to Pakistan , a loan of $ 6.7 billion ( approx Rs 41* Thousand * Crores ) , the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) , insisted on such a publication

    Now , in India , we have 40 million people who pay personal income tax ( out of a population of approx 1220 million )

    Obviously , for India’s Income Tax Department , it would be an impossible task to publish their names in a directory – which could possibly run into 17,000*40 pages !

    Then again , India has no need for an IMF loan , what with its Personal Income Tax revenue amounting to , Rs 2.47*Lakh*Crores

    And if the incoming government at the Centre , dares to implement my suggestion of INVERSE TAXATION regime , that revenue could go up 100 times !

    Simply , ” Inverse ” the tax slabs as follows :

    > Up to Rs 2 lakhs………………… NIL
    > 2.1 – 5.0 lakhs…………………. 10 %
    > 5.1 – 10 lakhs………………….. 8 %
    > 10.1 – 20 lakhs…………………. 6 %
    > 20.1 – 50 lakhs………………… 5 %
    > 50.1 – 100 lakhs………………… 3 %
    > Above 100 lakhs…………………. 1 %

    What is likely to happen with such ” INVERSE TAXATION ” regime ?

    Following few things :

    > Total personal tax payer base will go up dramatically from current 4
    crores tax-payers

    > Total personal tax collection too , will rise dramatically

    > with this ” INVERSE TAX REGIME ” , there will be no incentive to evade
    taxes and to generate ” BLACK MONEY ”

    > There will be no resistance to accept ALL payments by cheque / electronic
    clearance !

    > The more you disclose as your income , the less you pay by way of taxes
    ( Of course , incrementally )

    > For a change , we will learn to reward honesty / efficiency / productivity !
    No need to bribe those Income Tax officers !

    > Lakhs of crores of BLACK MONEY , stashed away in bank
    lockers / gold / land – and , of course those Swiss bank accounts – will ,
    become ” WHITE MONEY ” , overnight !

    > There will be a huge surge in bank deposits ( – even with , the inevitable
    lower interest rates )

    > Banks will be awash with funds to finance businesses / infrastructure
    projects etc , encouraging entrepreneurs / self-employed to set up new
    businesses ( at 2 % interest rates of loans ) and generate millions of jobs

    > There will be a phenomenal rise in Capital Markets

    Only questions are :

    > To innovate or not ?
    > To think out-of-the-box or not ?
    > To feed poor or to teach them how to fish ?
    > To enable people to earn more or to subsidize their expenditure ?
    > To let people stand on their own legs or continue “Dependency Culture” ?

    * hemen parekh ( 18 April 2014 / Mumbai )

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