In India, domestic companies that declare, distribute or pay dividends are subject to dividend distribution tax at 16.61% on the amount of such dividends. However, income distributed by a specified company or mutual fund is taxable at differential rates as follows:

• Income distributed from the Money market/liquid funds is taxable at 27.68%
• Income distributed from other mutual funds to individuals or HUFs is taxable at 13.84% and to others at 22.15%.

However, no additional tax is payable on income distributed to unit holders of equity oriented funds.


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  1. ps reddy says:


    It is very helpful information

    how about dividend income recieved from a foreign company please

    I have a company in canada and my spouse who lives in india is a partner eligible for dividends. Canada takes 25% as witholding tax. What is the process to declare it in india pay tax and get it refunded

    ps reddy

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