What is professional tax?

In India, the professional tax is imposed at the state level. However, not all the states impose this tax, the following states impose this levy in India – Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Business owners, working individuals, merchants and people carrying out various occupations comes under the purview of this tax.

Professional tax is levied by particular Municipal Corporations and majority of the Indian states impose this duty. It is a source of revenue for the government. The maximum amount payable per year is Rs.2,400/- and in line with your salary, there are predetermined slabs. It is paid by every member of staff employed in private companies. It is subtracted by the employer each month and sent to the Municipal Corporation. It is compulsory just like income tax. You will be eligible for income tax deduction for this payment.

Criteria in various states of India

In Maharashtra, this duty is applicable both on individuals and companies as laid down by the guidelines of the Maharashtra Professional Tax Act of 1975.

Every individual living in Maharashtra, involved in any business, profession, occupation or employment is legally responsible to pay it and has to get a Certificate of Enrolment from the Professional Authority.

As soon as you receive this certificate, you can fulfill your personal tax liability for 5 years by making a one-time payment, which is equivalent to the sum of Professional Tax for 4 years beforehand, getting relief for payment of one year.

In Tamil Nadu, it is imposed by the Municipal Council on businessmen, professionals, and employed individuals.

Every company which conducts business and every individual, who is involved directly in any business, occupation, or employment in the town panchayat on the first day of the half-year for which return has been submitted, needs to pay biannual tax at the rates stipulated.

Professional Tax Slabs in Various States

In West Bengal

Income Tax to be imposed
Upto 1,500 Nil
From ` 1501 To Rs 2001 Rs. 18
From ` 2001 To Rs 3001 Rs. 25
From ` 3001 To Rs 5001 Rs. 30
Rs. 5001 Rs. 40
From ` 6001 -7001 Rs. 45
From Rs.7001 to Rs.8000 Rs.50
From Rs.8001 to Rs.9000 Rs.90
From Rs.9001 to Rs.15,000 Rs.110
From Rs.15001 to Rs.25,000 Rs.130
From Rs.25,001 to Rs.40,000 Rs.150
Beyond Rs.40,001 Rs.200

In Maharashtra

Income Tax to be imposed
upto ` 2500 Nil
From ` 2500 to Rs 3500 Rs.60
From ` 3500 to Rs 5000 Rs.120
From ` 5000 to Rs 10000 Rs.175
More than Rs.10000 Rs 200

In Tamil Nadu

Income Tax to be imposed
Upto Rs.21000 Nil
From Rs.21001 to Rs.30000 Rs.75
From Rs.30001 to Rs.45000 Rs.188
From Rs.45001 to Rs.60000 Rs.390
From Rs.60001 to Rs.75000 Rs.585
More than Rs.75001 Rs.810

In New Delhi

Income Tax to be imposed
Upto Rs.1,10,000 Nil
From Rs.1,10,000 To ` 1,45,000 Nil
From Rs.1,45,000 To ` 1,50,000 10 %
From Rs.1,50,000 To ` 1,95,000 20 %
From Rs.1,95,000 To ` 2,50,000 20 %
More than Rs.2,50,000 30 %


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    Is interest charged on professional tax? If charged, then when it is charged?

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    May I have the professional tax rates applicable in Gujarat State?
    Shilpesh Kapadia.

  9. seema gharat says:

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  11. bharat says:

    need to know professional tax number. were can i find it online ..pl provide me the link

    • Kindly Provide us all over india state wise Professional Tax slab of current year 2011-12. Also Provide all india state wise professional tax Registation and return form and thanx.

      • amar says:

        at present i am working in maharashtra but my company office bassed in Goa ,my salary was put in goa’s state bank & i am daily traveling from goa to maharhtra & go bk , shall i elligible for Professional Tax or not.

  12. Jai Singh says:

    I am working in Delhi my salary below 15000/month. My company is located in Mumbai. Am I applicable for Professional tax deducation in my salary.

    • anil patel says:

      My head office in ahmedabad and i am working at delhi office

      now in delhi there is no prof. tax so Am I applicable for prof.tax

      in my salary


  13. what about ex-servie man should be deducted proffetional tax.

  14. Rishikesh says:

    It seems rate and slab shown above are not updated. Please update and send me revised slab and rate for across country.

  15. udhaya says:

    I am from coimbatore, Tamilnadu..please clarify my doubts
    1. Is professional tax deducted on monthly basis?
    2. Are the salary limits which you have given is for monthly or yearly limits?
    3. Is TDS on salary and professional tax similar?

  16. Deepak Thakare says:

    Kindly provide me the official website of professional tax at earliest.

  17. satish v. khandekar says:

    Its possible to charge the professional tax, owner not provide any facilities for example: PF,ESIC etc. please give reply

  18. Bomble Prakash A. says:

    sr whene jan-saly-Rs 4000 & April month-4500 & gate diff. 4 month Rs-500*4=2000 & gate April saly Rs-4500+2000=6500 than how many P.T dedct.

  19. Anoop says:

    Request you to pls send me PT slap for tamilnadu,Andhra,kerala,Karnataka

  20. nishant says:

    pls send me PT slap for Gujarat

    • I live in Jharkhand. I am a business man.I transferred goods other state, I,E West Bengal. i pay P.F tax to jharkhand gov and also pay West Bengal gov. So one quarry to you that man same person but tax paid different state so why?.

  21. sangeetha says:

    i am a doctor in MP paying professional tax in my college where iam working but iam registered in AP should i also pay commercial tax in AP.

  22. Satish Gowda says:

    PT In Maharashtra
    1. upto ` 5000 Nil
    2. From ` 5000 to Rs 10000 Rs.175
    3. More than Rs.10000 Rs 200 and in the month of Feb Rs.300

  23. Aren Kumar Tripathy says:

    Please provide me Professional Tax slab of current FY 2011-12 for the state of Odisha.

  24. dr gajanan shanbhag says:

    dear sir i have paid my professional tax from 1-4-2003 to 31-03-2011. when is the last date to pay tax for financial year 2011- 2012
    thanks dr shanbhag

  25. M. Abdul jabar says:

    I am working in the Central Excise Dept.at Coimbatore. I am a differntly abled officer.I may be informed that Professional tax is exempted to all physically handicapped employees working in Central as well as state.

  26. B.SRIDHAR says:

    Regarding the professional taX deduction, I have joined a company on September 05, 2011 . In September month salary they have deducted the professional tax for 5 months starting from April 2011. Before April 2011, I was working in another company. Kindly clarify my queries.

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    Please provide me slap rates for professional tax for all states FY 2011-2012.

    thanks & regards

    Bhushan Patil

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    Dear sir,
    please proved all state professional tax slab

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  33. In case of 75% handicapped person,Whether p tax is waived?

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    The information in this site is neither exhaustive nor complete. It would have been better if the site had exhibited at least slabs of all the states of India.

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    Is there any revised changes in professional tax amount, and what are the rates applicable to the salaries of Employees for Gujarat state, for accounting period 2012-2013


    Please let me know if Ex-servicemen Central government employees working in Karnataka state are required to Pay Karnataka profession Tax or not? If Exempted, kindly quote the relevent rule No;

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    2) I am told that there is no professional tax liability after 65 years of age.

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  61. Avni Rawal says:

    My gross salary Rs. 15000 so P. t. Applicable rs. 200 that i know but when i abesent for 15 days in the month so my salary for that month rs. 7500 so how much should be deducted from my salary Rs. 200 or Rs. 175

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    How to register for online payment of professional tax in maharashtra? Pls. let me know the website ASAP

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    I have give income from two difference sources one from salary and another from LIC Agency Commission. My Professional Tax deducted 2480/- yearly from salary and submitted to muncipal corporation, and extra 2000/- per year demand from muncipal corporation for Agency Business. I told municipal corporation my professional tax already deducted from my salary. Please give me advise can i pay extra professional tax to muncipal corporation. Please give reply as soon as possible.

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    kindly provide me professional tax slabs in tamilnadu for the assesment year 2012 – 2013 to be deducted from the employees in the month of march – 2012

    your kind help may be requested and highly appriciated.

    with regards

    Personnel Officer,
    Electralloy / Amsteel

  69. Mercy Paul says:

    We have a company named S.V. Shah Construction Services Pvt. Ltd.
    We would like to know the Professional Tax Number of this company so that I can make the payment immediately.




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  72. Define ‘salary’ in so far as prof tax is concerned.

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    Dear Sirs

    Can anybody tell me suppose a person workin in Bangalore but getting the Salary from Maharashtra is liable to pay ptax in Maharashtra or in Karnataka ?

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    professionals only paid in the professional tax why that tax amount deduct from employees

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    basic salary Rs8000 but he absent for 10days.again no leave is available.so he get rs. 4000 during yhe month.so professional tax is which amount 8000 or 4000?

  76. Shailendra says:

    Please send all updated PT tax slab i india…Thanks.

  77. Adarsh says:

    Please provide professional tax for Andhra Pradesh.

    • Poonam Jain says:

      Kindly find herewith the professional Tax for Andhra Pradesh
      Salary and wage earners whose monthly salaries or wages in Rs. :

      Class of Assessees Rate of Tax per month

      (i) Up to 5,000 Nil
      (ii) From 5,001 to 6,000 60 PM
      (iii) From 6,001 to 10,000 80 PM
      (iv) From 10,001 to 15,000 100 PM
      (v) From 15,001 to 20,000 150 PM
      (vi) Above 20,000 200 PM

      If you want more information , you can mail me on my email id pjain12347@rediffmail.com

  78. thole vishal says:

    sir pls guide me regarding profession tax for sole proprietor , partner , director (pvt ltd co) , truck owner

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    Thanks & Regards

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  91. Maneesha says:

    Request you to please help if PT is applicable in New Delhi if so is it payable Monthly or Quarterly or Half yearly or yearly? as per the above data Maximum PT is 2400/- but according to Delhi % It is higher side …why?

    Please help me………..

  92. balbir says:

    p tax is not applicable in Delhi

  93. Maneesha says:

    Dear Mr. Balbir,

    Thank you for the info. but how about the below…what for this info is provided. Plz clarify thanks in advance. our organisation comes under shops & Establishments…

    Income Tax to be imposed
    Upto Rs.1,10,000 Nil
    From Rs.1,10,000 To ` 1,45,000 Nil
    From Rs.1,45,000 To ` 1,50,000 10 %
    From Rs.1,50,000 To ` 1,95,000 20 %
    From Rs.1,95,000 To ` 2,50,000 20 %
    More than Rs.2,50,000 30 %


    please tell us how to enroll online, which swebsite, and do we have to pay for our employees monthly/ quarterly / half yearly?

  95. Rajashi Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Sirs

    Can anybody tell me suppose a person working in Tripura but getting the Salary from West Bengal is liable to pay ptax in Tripura or in West Bengal ?

  96. Rajarshi Bhattacharya says:

    I am posted in tripura, Manager Maheshpur Tea estate but my salari getting west bengal kolkata, my professional tax catting form kolkata H.o.and deposited to west bengal saletax dept.but Tripura saletax dept demand to deposit ptax in tripura,kindly clear the matter.

  97. prasanna says:

    how to pay professional tax online in andhra pradesh 2012-13

  98. UDAYASRI says:



    please send professional tax slab rate of all states in india in my E-MAIL ID.

  100. Amrrutha says:

    Hi All,

    Our salaries are centralised by the employer but we are working at bangalore branch office and our head office is at Hdyerabad. My question is that should the PT be remitted at Hyderabad by the employer or at Bangalore as am workign here. All our salaries are processed at Hyderabad only.



  101. Peyush Bajaj says:

    Professional Tax Slab for all states for the financial year 2011-12

  102. Your explanation regarding TAX is very good and easy to understand.Please send all update regarding tax and tds on my email address.

    Thanks and Regards
    Aanchal Sharma
    HR Generalist.

  103. Pl. send current Professional Tax deduction slab from salary in odisha state



  104. Umesh Baranwal says:

    kindly send me professional tax slab of Tamilnadu State.

  105. A. Sowrirajan says:

    In Tamilnadu, the Profession Tax Act clearly says that the Govt. employees whose income derived from revenue of the Govt. has to pay professional Tax. Which means Govt. employees like LIC, BSNL, ONGC, etc. in which the employees salary is determined by the Board concerned. But for other Central Govt. employees/State Govt. employees, their salary is derived from the Consolidated Fund of India, which is not a revenue from the Government Business. Secondly, Govt. employees never be termed as Professionals. As the deduction of Profession Tax by the Tamilnadu Govt. from the Central/State Govt. employees is illegal, contrary to the Act and against the spirit of Constitution.

  106. Is Professional Tax is applicable in Jharkhand State?

  107. dr.maurya says:

    kindly tell whether professiontax is applicable for labour class.?

  108. SANJAY KUMAR says:


  109. ASP Anjaneyulu says:


    Can any one send the Professional tax rates applicable for employees (both contract and regular) at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project and at Kalpakkam. Is there any exemption to the above said employees.


  110. Hema says:




  111. SANTHOSHKUMAR says:

    i am working in tirupur . i get monthly salary 9000/ pm . i am applicable in professional tax deduction in my salary.

  112. Vijay says:

    5. If our company registered office in Delhi but some of the operation is also going on in the MP state and there are also having our branch offices. Hence my question is that ‘’ should our company liable to pay professional tax for those employee who are working in MP state?’’

  113. sanjay says:

    professinal tax kadhavo jaruri che jem jakat nabud kari tem

  114. Malathi D says:

    what is the professional tax slab for the year 2012-13 TamilNadu in Coimbatore pls reply my mail id

  115. Malathi D says:

    pls send me Professional Tax slap for Tamilnadu 2012-2013

  116. satendra tiwari says:

    pt slabs for m.p just give me

  117. PRADEEP SANTI says:

    Kindly provide professional tax slabs of odisha.

  118. Dr. R R Jena says:

    Odisha P TAX Slab Rates
    upto Rs.5000/- Nil
    Rs.5,001/- to Rs.6,000/- Rs.30/-
    Rs.6,001/- to Rs.8,000/- Rs.50/-
    Rs.8,001/-to Rs.10,000/- Rs.75/-
    Rs.10,001/- to Rs.15,000/- Rs.100/-
    Rs.15,001/- to Rs.20,000/- Rs.150/-
    Rs.20,001/- & above Rs.200/-

  119. s debendra says:

    please provide details of pt

  120. Tilak says:

    Dear Sir,

    My HO is based at Mumbai, but our employees are spread in different states, working there. Pl let me know if PT is to be deducted based on slabs applicable for Maharashtra or as per respective states.



  121. ramesh kaja says:

    Whether Photostat business men or photostat operators will come under the purview of Professional Tax or not. If so what will be rate affected in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

  122. Ms. Tenzin Ngodup says:

    Is professional tax = to TDS on salary?
    Is professional tax need to pay if a person pays TDS?

  123. Mukesh Patel says:

    plz provide me the slab rate of profestional tax in Gujarat

  124. Meena says:

    need to know professional tax number. were can i find it online ..pl provide me the link.ASAP
    any link to see m.p.professional tax certificate
    Kindly provide me the official website of professional tax at earliest.

  125. aadil khan says:

    Dear sir
    Please send me professional tax slab in rajasthan and india at my email ID and update your website.

  126. Motilal Sayyer says:

    I am Handicapped person with 45% disability (Left Leg & Right Eye), i have employee of pvt. ltd., firm. please give me details of exemption in profession tax for Handicapped person with section

  127. PRINCIPAL says:

    Please detailed slab of Bihar Professional Tax 2012-2013

  128. R.S.Chaturvedi says:

    please inform about professional tax slab 2012-13 for madhyapradesh

  129. Dhaklesh Kumar says:

    Know the Professional Tax Slabs in Various States

    Andhra Pradesh

    Salary Slabs per month Payable Tax per month
    Upto 5,000/- Nil
    5,000/- to 6,000/- 60/-
    6,000/- to 10,000/- 80/-
    10,000/- to 15,000/- 100/-
    15,000/- to 20,000/- 150/-
    20,000/- and above 200/-


    Upto 3,500/- Nil
    3,501/- to 5,000/- 30/-
    5,001/- to 7,000/- 75/-
    7,001/- to 9,000/- 110/-
    9,001/- and above 208/-


    Upto 12,500/- Nil
    12,501/- to 16,667/- 150/-
    16,668/- to 20,833/- 180/-
    20,834/- to 25,000/- 190/-
    25,001/- & above 200/-


    Upto 2,999 Nil
    3,000/- to 5,999/- 20/-
    6,000/- to 8,999/- 80/-
    9,000/- to 11,999/- 150/-
    Rs 12,000/- and above 200/-


    3,000/- to 5,000/- 30/-
    5,000/- to 8,000/- 60/-
    8,000/- to 10,000/- 100/-
    10,000/- to 15,000/- 150/-
    15,000/- and above 200/-


    Upto 1,999/- Nil
    2000/- to ` 2999/- ` 20/-
    3000/- to 4,999/- 30/-
    5,000/- to 7,499/- 50/-
    7,500/- to 9,999 75/-
    10,000/- to 12,499/- 100/-
    12,500/- to 16,666/- 125/-
    16,667/- to 20,833/- 166/-
    20,834/- and above 208/-

    Madhya Pradesh

    Upto 10,000/- Nil
    10,001/- to 12500/- 88/-**
    12,501/- to 15,000/- 125/-
    15,001/- & above 208/- ##
    ** upto Feb. 88, March 87/-
    ## upto Feb 208/-, March 212/-


    Upto 2,500/- Nil
    2,500/- to 3,500/- 60/-
    3,500/- to 5,000/- 120/-
    5,000/- to 10,000/- 175/-
    10,000/- and above 200/-**
    *upto Feb 200/- p.m. & Mar 300/- p.m.


    Upto 5000/- Nil
    5,001/- to 6,000/- 30/-
    6,001/- to 8,000/- 50/-
    8,001/-to 10,000/- 75/-
    10,001/- to 15,000/- 100/-
    15,001/- to 20,000/- 150/-
    20,001/- & above 200/-

    Tamil Nadu

    Upto 3,500/- Nil
    3501/- to 5000/- 16.50/-
    5001/- to 7500/- 39/-
    7501/- to 10000/- 85/-
    10001/- to 12500/- 126.50/-
    12501/- & above 182.50/-


    Upto 2500/- Nil
    2501/- to 3500/- 55/-
    3501/- to 4500/- 85/-
    4501/- to 6500/- 100/-
    6501/- to 10000/- 140/-
    10001/- and above 180/-

    West Bengal

    Upto 5,000/- Nil
    5,001/- to ` 6,000/- ` 40/-
    6,001/- to 7,000/- 45/-
    7,001/- to 8,000/- 50/-
    8,001/- to 9,000/- 90/-
    9,001/- to 15,000/- 110/-
    15,001/- to 25,000/- 130/-
    25,001/- to 40,000/- 150/-
    40,001/- and above 200/-

    In New Delhi

    Income Tax to be imposed
    Upto 1,10,000 Nil
    From 1,10,000 To 1,45,000 Nil
    From 1,45,000 To 1,50,000 10.00%
    From 1,50,000 To 1,95,000 20.00%
    From 1,95,000 To 2,50,000 20.00%
    More than 2,50,000 30.00%

    This was updated on 19th September 2012

  130. sandeep says:

    The prof tax for TN has changed
    official Ref — http://www.tn.gov.in/dtp/professional-tax.htm

    Six months income (Rs.)– Old Tax (Rs) — New Tax (Rs)
    upto 21,000 — NIL — NIL
    21,001 – 30,000 — 75 — 100
    30,001 – 45,000 — 188 — 235
    45,001 – 60,000 — 390 — 510
    60,001 – 75,000 — 585 — 760
    75,001 and above — 810 — 1095

  131. Krishnamurthy says:

    Karnataka PT slab rate is
    from 1 to 9,999 Nil
    From 10,000 to 14,999 150
    15,000 and above 200

  132. Tusomwood says:

    Can somebody tell m….. that i ve paid an access of Rs. 250 for 80 employees in my office for the current Financial year 2012-13. Plz help.

  133. vikas raghuwanshi says:

    This February month my professional tax is deduct 300 rs. what is the region.

  134. sk kushwaha says:

    please intimate what is the current slab of professional tax in mp for the financial year 2013-2014

  135. neha says:

    whats the new slab of PT for year 2013-14

  136. kishore swami says:

    Whether PT is applicable in Rajasthan?
    If yes, what is the slab of pt for the year of 2013-14

  137. amit says:

    Pls send you status of professional tax of india by my e-mail.

  138. amit says:

    please intimate what is the current slab of professional tax in wb for the financial year 2013-2014

  139. Guest says:

    It is called “PROFESSION TAX”, and not “PROFESSIONAL TAX”. Please rectify.

  140. sharashish mistry says:

    Our salaries are centralised by the employer but we are working at bangalore branch office and our head office is at west bengal. My question is that should the PT be remitted at west bengal by the employer or at Bangalore as am workign here. All our salaries are processed at west bengal only.

  141. My question is that should the PT be remitted at west bengal by the employer or at Bangalore as am workign here. All our salaries are processed at west bengal only.

  142. kiran d. more says:

    please provide my professional tax number.
    my farm name & address as follows
    laxmi krupa, krantinagar,
    makhmalabad road, panchvati,
    nashik- 422003.

  143. kiran d. more says:

    how to know my profetional tax number

  144. Rohini says:

    What are the current PTax rates PAN India?

  145. Geetha says:

    Please provide Revised (Updated)2013-14 PT slabs for Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat, Patna, Kerala, Tamilnadu


  146. Nitin Agarwal says:

    Please provide Revised (Updated)2013-14 PT slabs rates for pan india


  147. Saravanan says:

    Hi all,
    Being an employee, i will pay the PT. In case if I lose job due to rescission or by anyother means and if i didn’t get job for next 6 months, will the Government/State corporation will help for my survival?????????????

  148. Gurudayal Singh says:

    Please provide PT returns dates of PAN India & due dates of payments.

  149. indian government will not give jobs for all indians, so self employed catogrees were fined in the name of various many section, of govt, judicial ,by indian parliament name, the sections, were mostly not suitable for india, and indians, because were foot prints of U.K.., U.S.a., is indians were still fools, and should be intlectual fools, with out no care for their life by indian government,nothing other thaan new taxes, and rise in taxes, hen why should be government.

  150. Hemant says:

    What is the applicable rate of professional tax for sr. citizen above 60yrs.

  151. Ravi says:

    Hi All

    Please provide All Tamilnadu Municipality Professional Tax Slab 2013-14 in excel format


  152. Debapriyo Deb says:

    what is the procedure for updating change of address in my professional tax certificate?

  153. SaiKrishna Rao says:

    I am working in Mumbai(Maharastra State) but my salary is getting processed in Bangalore (Karnatka) & PT is deducted in Karnatka PT Slab & getting deposited in Bangalore as because this is centralised salary processing in Bangalore and books of accounts are maintained in Bangalore. Kindly tell me whether this PT Deduction in Bangalore(Karnatka) is valid or my PT deduction should be deducted in Maharastra PT slab & needed to be deposited in Mumbai(Maharastra) – Regards – Praveen

  154. Dear Sir,
    Please give me a full professional tax details.
    1. What is professional tax?
    2. How to calculate professional tax?
    3. How to calculate professional tax return?
    4. And so many details its.

  155. Professional tax services for your business can be registered by us we also give services like, , PT filing , PT assessment services in the areas like Banashankari, Mathikere, Uttarahalli, Hoskote, Jakkur .

  156. Magendran B says:

    I need PT details and workings for my professional purpose

  157. dr.ajay jotwani says:

    Just wanted to confirm wheather a dentist having a small clinic liable to pay pt .as 10 yrs back in times of india it was mentioned that doctors are considered in essential services thus they are exempted from pofession tax

  158. dr.JAY says:

    what is the retirement age for P T in mah.

  159. pawan patidar says:

    I am Handicapped person with 45% disability (right Leg), i have employee of madhya pradesh higher education. please give me details of exemption in profession tax for Handicapped person with section and please provide any circular.

  160. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?

    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked haard on.
    Any suggestions?

  161. Lingappa says:

    I Requesting you to provide me PT slab for Kerala.

  162. P.PAL says:

    plz send west bengal p. tax slab for the f.y.2014-2014

  163. GOVIND JADHAV says:

    pls send latest maharashtra p.tax slab on salary for F y 2013-14 & 2014-2015

  164. Mehul Oza says:

    Would like to know.. was Professional Tax applicable in Delhi in 2005-06,2006-07

  165. chandan says:

    sir pl let me know whether exserviceman re employed in any organization are exempted from prof tax?
    if yes than let me know the circular no.

  166. chaitanya says:

    Sir …i am a teacher working in chennai.. school management deducted Rs.1095 as my profession tax for my salary Rs.30000 and for my college also Rs.1095 for salary Rs.18000…now..i have doubt at what rate they deducted for us…and once send me latest slab details

  167. BHAVIN says:


    Pls Provide List of Locations where Monthly PT is applicable.

  168. Subodh says:

    Good discussion

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  170. sadagopan says:

    A trust with one educational institution of preschool with 4 employees paid less than 10000 rs p.m. to teachers. Is the trust liable to pay professional tax by registering? If so, under what category?


    my self jitendar i want to getr a p.tax certifiacte online so, what is the procedure of get certifiacte i dont know what can i filling fisrt registration form or enrolment i dont know pls send a procedure a get a certifiate online

  172. Dhannya Sekhar says:

    My husband’s company is not cutting professional tax, pf or income tax from his salary. What could be reason?

  173. Manjunath says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please give me a full professional tax details.
    1. What is professional tax?
    2. How to calculate professional tax?
    3. How to calculate professional tax return?
    4. And so many details its.

  174. Lakshmi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Pls clarify my doubts. A scrap selling industry in Kerala having a branch office in Bangalore should pay Professional Tax in Karnataka?

  175. Anuradha says:

    Please share Employee Profession Tax Slabs from FY 2012-2013 to FY 2015-16 in Hyderabad city.

  176. Neha chauhan says:

    Sir, I m working in central school in gwalior m.p. And I am a contractual teacher and school cut proffessional tax 2500 rs,in,my salary. Is it right and please send me the tax slab for m.p.

  177. Neha chauhan says:

    Please send me the proffessional tax slab in,m.p.for teachers.

  178. chaitali shah says:

    How to Apply PTEC registration online?

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  184. Sanjay says:

    Please provide more details on income tax rule recently implemented on july 1

  185. Hello, this is the most informative study i ever observed on the internet.

  186. Renuka says:

    Maharashtra traders have urged the government to abolish the APMC cess and professional tax under the goods and services tax (GST).

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